how to display pots in your garden

how to display pots in your garden

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  • How to arrange pots for indoor gardening?

  • Decide where you want to put your pots. The first step in creating a successful arrangement is knowing where it鈥檚 going. Once you鈥檝e chosen a spot, you鈥檒l have a better idea of what kind of plants you need. For example, if it is a spacious area, you can put large pots with tall plants like elephant ear or agave.

  • How can I Make my plants look good in pots?

  • For the most impact, use a variety of textures and sizes when you’re planting. Even if you choose plants that look completely different, you can tie the entire grouping together with neutral containers and repeating some plants in several of the pots.

  • Where should you place your pots?

  • Westover Landscape Design, in Tarrytown, New York, suggests thinking about pots as visual punctuation. You can place one at the end of a path to lead your eye through the garden or to signal a change in direction on a walkway, he says. Keep in mind that containers are elevated and plants dry out more quickly than those in the ground.

  • When should I use pots for a garden border?

  • Especially helpful at the beginning or end of summer and into the autumn. But even without plants, pots can add a dash of colour and a solid shape into a planting border that brings clarity in amongst the planting. You don鈥檛 have to use them solely to put plants in on the patio.

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