how to garden in straw bales

how to garden in straw bales

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For effective straw bale gardening:Use straw,not hay. Hay is made from alfalfa and grasses that still have the seeds attached,and these seeds will turn into weeds when the germinate and sprout. …Locate the garden near a water source. If you can,put your straw bale garden near a water source. …Solarize the bales . If you solarize the bales by wrapping them in black plastic for several weeks before you plant them,the heat will kill any remaining seeds that …Use short plants. Corn,sunflowers,tomatoes,and other upright plants may grow too tall to be supported by the straw bales. …Plant in full sun. Nearly all herbs and vegetables prefer full sun locations鈥攄efined as six to eight hours per day or more. …

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  • Can you plant in a straw bale garden?

  • You can plant in the straw bales once the temperature has dropped below about 26C (80F) Plant densely to make the best use of space in your straw bale garden. Because a well-managed straw bale garden provides plants lots of moisture and an excellent growing medium, you can plant densely.

  • How do you get rid of weeds in straw bales?

  • Use straw. Make sure you get straw bales, not hay bales. This is key because hay bales will have even more weeds than straw bales. If you can, put your straw bale garden near a water source. Any garden takes a fair amount of water and it’s helpful to be right near a hose. Try solarizing your bales.

  • How often should you water a straw bale garden?

  • Like any raised garden, straw bale gardens consume a lot of water. In the heat of the summer, this may mean watering every day. It鈥檚 best for plants to water in the morning, making sure to water the bale, not the leaves. Excess water will drain out the bottom of your bales so your plants don’t sit in water.

  • How long does it take for straw bales to decompose?

  • Days 1 to 3: Once your straw bales are in place, take the garden hose and water each bale thoroughly. Soak it with water. You need to do this once a day for three days to start the conditioning process. The bales begin to decompose. As the microorganisms start to work, the inside of the bale heats up.

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