how to garden with pallets

how to garden with pallets

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Set the pallets vertically on the walls or flat on the ground. They will make fabulous planters and raised garden beds. Repurpose the pallets to build the wooden pallet fences and gates, make your green space look amazingly gorgeous.

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  • Are pallets good for gardening?

  • And good news for gardeners is that their shape and structure makes them useful and refreshing addition in your garden. Pallets can be repurposed for creating all kinds of garden add-ons.

  • How do you build a pallet garden?

  • This pallet garden is very easy to construct and it also gives you a lot of easy to access grow space. All you鈥檒l need to do is stack multiple levels of pallets and fill them with dirt. Then you can grow from all sides of the pallet garden.

  • What can you make with wooden pallets?

  • Wooden pallets are suitable for making some original, upcycled garden furniture. Chairs, sofas, tables 鈥?with a bit of pre-meditation and modification, they could be an awesome addition to your garden.

  • Can you plant flowers on a pallet wall?

  • The Vertical Flower Garden If you鈥檇 like to plant flowers along your porch wall or maybe even next to a back or side door, then this would be a good option for that. I say that because this pallet garden could very easily be trimmed down to fit just about anywhere and hung up just about anywhere.

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