how to get a garden bed ready for planting

how to get a garden bed ready for planting

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  • How do I prepare my raised garden beds for spring?

  • Appraise the soil for amendments and top up the beds. The soil in raised beds is constantly settling. In early spring, the soil level may be several inches lower than it was last fall. Take a spadeful of soil and see if it鈥檚 light, moist and crumbly. If the soil seems compacted, some peat may be needed to fluff it up.

  • How do I prepare a flower bed?

  • It’s our go-to tool for preparing a flower bed. It’s called a Mantis and you can find it in most garden centers. Step #1: Purchase your soil amendments or gather your compost if using. Step #2: Spread these materials over the entire garden area. IMPORTANT: You DON’T WANT to remove ALL of the native soil and use amendments exclusively.

  • What can I plant in a raised garden bed?

  • With slightly raised beds you can make use of the edges and plant some fast growing greens or nitrogen fixing beans or peas on the outside of each row. This way of planting is again in line with the 11th permaculture principle 鈥淯se edges and value the marginal鈥?and protects the bed from weeds.

  • What does it mean to prepare a new garden bed?

  • She earned a BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from Western Michigan University in 2014. This article has been viewed 81,545 times. Preparing your new garden bed means creating a healthy growing environment for your vegetables. Mainly, preparing a new garden bed means preparing the soil.

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