how to get a garden bed ready for planting

how to get a garden bed ready for planting

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If you have the time, you want to prep your soil two weeks before you want to start planting. In already existing beds, you will want toadd compostto raise the soil level back to the top. Also, add in soil amendments such as earthworm castings. Use either a hoe or a small rototiller and till this into the existing soil.

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  • How to prepare a new garden bed?

  • Mainly, preparing a new garden bed means preparing the soil. The procedure can be long and exhausting, especially if done manually, but the rewards will be worth it if you take the time to do it right. To create a new garden bed, you will need to plan it, prepare for it, and finally, make the bed.

  • What can I plant in a raised garden bed?

  • With slightly raised beds you can make use of the edges and plant some fast growing greens or nitrogen fixing beans or peas on the outside of each row. This way of planting is again in line with the 11th permaculture principle 鈥淯se edges and value the marginal鈥?and protects the bed from weeds.

  • How do you keep weeds from growing in a raised bed?

  • Apply a thick layer of mulch once the bed is planted. Once the bed is done and the garden is planted, you can add a layer of mulch or compost. This will keep the weeds from growing in your garden, and it will help the soil retain moisture.

  • How do you fill in a raised garden bed?

  • Once the bed has been turned, fill in the area with organic matter or compost. Spread two to three inches over the bed. Then, turn the soil again in order to mix the soil with the compost. Do not use compost that is too fine or has a sand-like consistency because it will break down too quickly.

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