how to get bees in my garden

how to get bees in my garden

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Pots on a patio, herbs in a planter or even a hanging basketcan get you going and help bees. Trees, shrubs and larger plants will provide height in your borders. A cherry or birch tree can form a backdrop to layers of plants of different height and size closer to the front of the border.

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  • How can I help bees in my garden?

  • Many plants are bee-friendly, from herbs to larger shrubs and trees. Start by planting something simple to suit your space, time and interests. Read our seasonal guide to plants for bees and other pollinators. Pots on a patio, herbs in a planter or even a hanging basket can get you going and help bees.

  • Why do bees like to visit my garden?

  • Every garden needs pollinators and bees are among the best. Without them, there would be limited flowers and even fewer fruits and vegetables. Since bees add more than a soothing buzzing sound, it’s worth putting some thought into making your garden inviting for them . Bees are basically looking for two things when they visit your plants:

  • What can I plant to attract bees to my garden?

  • Plant a mix of bee-friendly seeds and grow plants, fruit and veg Bees need different plants for food throughout the seasons, from trees and shrubs to bulbs and grasses. Small trees like hazel and holly help bees at different times of the year. Ivy is a top food in autumn 鈥?try not to cut it back until after flowering.

  • Should you leave ground bees in your yard?

  • In fact, many times ground bees have been found to aerate the soil in your yard and hence prove helpful. Since ground bees are not dangerous, it does not mean that they are not annoying and you should leave them in your yard as such. What Are Ground Bees 鈥?How to Identify Them? 1. Eliminate trash 2. Keep a tidy yard 3. Get rid of standing water 4.

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