how to get rid of squash bugs in the garden

how to get rid of squash bugs in the garden

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Duct tape

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  • How do you keep squash bugs out of your garden?

  • To keep squash bugs out of your garden and away from your plants, tidy up in the garden and around the yard throughout the summer and, especially, in fall. Remove dead plant material, particularly from cucurbit plants, and clean up leaves and yard debris. The goal is to eliminate places where squash bugs can overwinter.

  • What do squash bugs do to plants?

  • Those squash bugs flock to squashes, pumpkins, and other cucurbits to damage plants and lay the telltale grouping of bronze-colored eggs on the underside of the plants鈥?leaves. Squash bugs can obiltrate a young zucchini, pumpkin, or other gourd. Knowing how to kill squash bugs can keep your small patch of crops healthy.

  • What is Killing my squash plants?

  • The beetles feed on the plants by sucking out the juices, causing the leaves to lose water and nutrients, then they wither and brown. High populations can kill the plants or cause them to lose runners. The bugs may also feed directly on the fruit of the plant, damaging or killing the squash as well.

  • Does neem oil kill squash bugs?

  • Neem oil can slow down squash bug reproduction by reducing how many eggs the adults can lay without harming beneficial insects. They won鈥檛 kill adults, however. Be sure to spray the undersides of leaves when using neem oil or insecticidal soap to control squash bug eggs.

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