how to keep animals out of a vegetable garden

how to keep animals out of a vegetable garden

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Build a fence

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  • How do I protect my vegetable garden from animals?

  • Keep reading for ways to protect your vegetable garden from animals! Fences are generally your best bet when it comes to protecting your vegetable garden from pests like rabbits and deer. To prevent burrowing animals, you鈥檒l want to plant your fence into the ground as far down as one inch.

  • Can You Spray fruit and vegetable plants to keep animals away?

  • Also, you cannot spray fruit or vegetable plants directly. So, I recommend spraying around the area or planting wildflowers nearby and spraying those so that the animals keep away from that area in general. Also, it smells really bad, and if you spray yourself, you鈥檙e going to need a shower to get the smell off of you.

  • How do I keep pests away from my plants?

  • These covers will help keep most invading garden pests away from your plant. You can create your own plant covers or buy plant covers at most home and garden shops. Adding a simple chicken wire fence around a plant can be enough to keep most pests away. You can buy garden fabric to cover your plants and protect them from being eaten.

  • How do I keep deer out of my vegetable garden?

  • Bleeding hearts, daffodils, hyssop, and mullein are plants that can repel deer. You can try mixing some of these plants in with your garden to make the whole thing look unappealing. Planting these barrier plants along the parameter of your garden can help repel pests. Scare away unwanted animals.

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