how to keep deer from eating my garden

how to keep deer from eating my garden

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15 Brilliant Ways To Keep Deer From Eating Your PlantsBuild or buy fencing.Get even more plants.Use deer repellent.Use a sprinkler system. Set up decoys and scarecrows. Spray plants with a homemade solution. A pooch or two should do the trick!

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  • How do I stop deer from eating my trees and plants?

  • If you want a simple, cheap, and effective option, you can stop deer from eating your plants and trees with soap! Determine how much bar soap you need. Deer can eat to within about 3 feet (0.91 m) from soap. Calculate the circumference of a circular border around your trees and plants that is at least 3 feet (0.91 m) away from them.

  • Will soap keep deer away from plants?

  • Soap, in general, is a simple way of protecting your plants from deer and other wildlife, but scented soap, in particular, is a great choice because deer don鈥檛 appreciate its smell. Also, soap lasts for a little over a month and is safe to use on plants.

  • Do deer eat plants near your house?

  • Under stress, deer will eat just about anything, but some plants are more alluring than others. Here are some plants to keep out of an unprotected garden. If you absolutely must grow deer-friendly plants, keep them close to your house. 2. Grow What They Don’t Love to Eat Deer graze mostly by smell.

  • How do you keep deer out of your yard without fencing?

  • A privacy hedge or green screen can double as a barrier to deer, especially the green screen plants are deer-unfriendly. Tall plants growing tightly together is a more aesthetically pleasing option than a fence. 5. Netting When fencing isn’t possible, netting can protect trees and shrubs without blocking sunlight.

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