how to keep garden snakes away from your house

how to keep garden snakes away from your house

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Garlic:Much like onions, garlic will keep away most pests, and snakes are no exception. Plant garlic around your garden or use it to make a repellent spray. Pink agapanthus: this plant will give your home a vibrant look, and it will also keep away snakes. Mugwort: this plant has a powerful scent, and it will keep snakes away.

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  • How to get rid of snakes around your house?

  • Cayenne pepper is another possible home remedy for keeping snakes away, as the strong odor they produce can often prevent them from coming too close to your home. The logical way of going about this would be to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the ground around your home and along walkways.

  • How to keep snakes away from compost?

  • When you keep your compost in containers with lids, you keep animals away and in turn, keep snakes away. 6. Seal holes, gaps, and cracks around your house and deck

  • How to keep garter snakes out of your yard?

  • Racoons and fox love to prey on garter snakes. Turkey, pigs, cats, as well as guinea hens, are also helpful in keeping the garter snakes in your yard at bay. The urine of fox serves as a natural turnoff for snakes as well.

  • How do snakes survive in the garden?

  • They survive off of small prey, such as mice, moles and rats, as well as an array of insects, including crickets, grasshoppers, snails and slugs. If your garden area is free from the small prey and insects that snakes love to eat, they will have no reason to stick around and starve.

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