how to keep mice and rabbits out of garden

how to keep mice and rabbits out of garden

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Keep vegetation trimmed

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  • How to protect plants from rabbits in the garden?

  • Protect Plants From Rabbits 1 Low fencing, mesh, or chicken wire helps to protect plants. 2 Fencing around the trunks of trees prevents rabbits from chewing the bark 3 Mulch discourages digging around plants 4 Keep the garden clean so weeds don鈥檛 provide additional cover or protection 5 Brush Plants with talcum powder.

  • How do I keep rabbits out of my garage?

  • We once spent nearly 2 hours trying to chase a rabbit out of our garage, which produces an endless supply of hiding places for the darn pest. You can keep rabbits out from under your deck by fencing the latticework with chicken wire. Check for other holes and hiding places for rabbits to hide around sheds and other structures.

  • How do I get rid of mice in my garden?

  • However, you can use a combination of shiny objects such as mirrors, old CDs and tins to scare them away. Things that blow in the wind will be less predictable and slightly more effective.

  • How do I keep rabbits away from my songbirds?

  • House cats can also be an effective deterrent, though most experts discourage letting pet cats roam outside, where they can pose a danger to songbirds. What Causes Rabbits? Rabbits can, and will, eat just about any tender plant, so they are naturally drawn in by home gardens.

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