how to keep raccoons and squirrels out of your garden

how to keep raccoons and squirrels out of your garden

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Remove the bird food as that will deter squirrels,cover your compostas that will keep the raccoons away. In addition to that,you will want to make sure that these creatures don鈥檛 look at your garden as a comfortable home for themselves. Remove nesting areas like tall grass where they can easily hide.

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  • Will a fence keep raccoons out of my Garden?

  • A fence can help protect crops, but remember that raccoons are good climbers. The most effective fence to exclude raccoons is electric. Use a 2-wire electric fence, placing wires 6 and 12 inches above ground.

  • Do squirrels and raccoons make a mess in the garden?

  • Both squirrels and raccoons are cute furry creatures, however, they are also smart and mischievous. They are the last animals you would want in your garden as they can make a mess and destroy it. From eating your vegetables and plants to scattering their feces everywhere they can cause complete havoc.

  • How to keep squirrels from getting under your house?

  • To keep squirrels from getting under your house use 1-by-1-inch mesh wire or chicken wire to deter squirrels from finding their way under your deck and into your garden. Make sure you bury the fence at least a foot underground to keep them from being able to dig under it.

  • What plants repel squirrels from your backyard?

  • Plants to Repel Squirrels from Your Backyard or Garden 1 Alliums 2 Fritillaries 3 Galanthus 4 Hyacinth 5 Lily of the Valley 6 Geraniums 7 Snowdrops

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