how to keep squirrels out of garden naturally

how to keep squirrels out of garden naturally

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How to Repel Squirrels from GardenUse Natural Squirrel Repellents. You can use anything that is hot and spicy as a natural squirrel repellent. …Use Peppermint. Just like mice,squirrels hate the smell of peppermint. They will do everything they can to avoid the intense aroma.Plant Squirrel Repelling Plants. If you want to keep squirrels out of your garden,there are several plants that you can place throughout your garden.Exclude Them. You can keep squirrels from getting into your garden and nibbling on your plants by installing a cage or cover.

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  • How do you get rid of squirrels in your garden?

  • Squirrels hate both the scent and the taste of garlic, so this should deter them from messing with your garden. Add chopped garlic, vinegar, and water to a spray bottle and allow the concoction to sit for a few days. Then, spray the mixture on fences and stakes within the garden to keep the critters away.

  • How to protect potted plants from squirrels and squirrels?

  • A good option for protecting potted plants from the furry critters is using physical barriers such as metal screens, chicken wire, or plastic netting that will prevent them from crawling inside and digging up their roots. This is a good option for gardens with raised beds or pots that can be elevated off the ground.

  • What attracts squirrels to your yard?

  • Some popular garden treats for squirrels include tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, and beans. If you see golf-ball-sized or smaller holes in your planting beds, it’s more than likely you have squirrels digging around in your garden. Freshly planted seedbeds attract squirrels even more because they love to dig up the seeds for food.

  • Do bulbs keep squirrels out of the garden?

  • Use bulbs as a way of keeping squirrels out of the garden. Some plants that repel squirrels are beautiful to see, but many of them are actually unappealing to squirrels. There are some bulbs and plants that squirrels really avoid due to their taste and smell.

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