how to keep turkeys out of the garden

how to keep turkeys out of the garden

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If you鈥檝e got a small garden, you cancover it with a wire pen or build a high fenceto keep the turkeys out. Although turkeys fly, they usually won鈥檛 fly into a small fenced-in area unless they鈥檙e very hungry or the thing you fenced in is of high value to them.

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  • How to keep wild turkeys out of your yard?

  • You can keep wild turkeys out of your yard by getting rid of any food sources that attract them. If they cannot get anything to eat, they will reduce their visits. For instance, fence plants bearing fruits will attract them. Avoid having plants that turkeys love eating like oak trees and berry bushes. 1 Will mothballs keep turkeys away? 2.1 1.

  • How do you stop turkeys from scratching the fence?

  • Luckily, we soon found a simple way to solve that problem: a roll of light-weight, plastic, 24-inch mesh fence fabric laid flat along the edge of the walk and held in place by metal ground staples. the fabric prevents the turkeys from scratching.

  • How do I attract turkeys to my garden?

  • If you have an attractive autumn food source such as plentiful acorns or other fruits or nuts, you鈥檒l no doubt have turkeys sooner or later. Birds content to mosey across the lawn or feed at the edge of the woods are fun to watch. But if they scratch in your gardens or other landscaped areas, a few tricks can help you cope.

  • Are wild turkeys peer too closely into your garden?

  • If wild turkeys are starting to peer too closely into your garden, you鈥檝e got a difficult battle on your hands, but one that you can win with persistence.

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