how to keep wild turkeys out of my garden

how to keep wild turkeys out of my garden

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You can keep wild turkeys out of your yard bygetting rid of any food sources that attract them. If they cannot get anything to eat, they will reduce their visits. For instance, fence plants bearing fruits will attract them.

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  • How do I keep turkeys out of my Garden?

  • Make your garden less friendly. This means keeping your lawn cut short so there鈥檚 no grass seed to feed wandering turkeys and making sure that dense bushes and other vegetation are pruned and thinned. Without adequate cover or a decent place to roost, your garden might not be as easy of a target.

  • How do you scare away a wild turkey?

  • Start by making loud noises and waving to frighten the turkeys. You also can open and close an umbrella while walking toward a turkey to scare it away. Whatever you do, be careful.

  • How do you stop turkeys from scratching the fence?

  • Luckily, we soon found a simple way to solve that problem: a roll of light-weight, plastic, 24-inch mesh fence fabric laid flat along the edge of the walk and held in place by metal ground staples. the fabric prevents the turkeys from scratching.

  • How do you attract turkeys to your yard?

  • Turkeys don鈥檛 want to hang out near a predator, so making yourself big and loud can be very effective at getting them to move along.

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