how to make a rock garden on a slope

how to make a rock garden on a slope

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Arrange the large rocks in your garden first, then pepper the area with smaller rocks. Go with the grain of the rock when setting each piece on the slope, and bury at least one-third of each rock to avoid rocks rolling down the slope during bad weather or otherwise becoming loose. How do you make a sloping rockery?

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  • What are the best tips for rock gardening on a slope?

  • Sunny slopes are ideal for creating a rock garden, as the slope’s natural incline automatically provides good drainage. Rock gardens constructed on sunny slopes or other dry areas generally look best planted with assorted drought-resistant plants, which will also help limit the amount of watering you must do. 1

  • How to build a rock garden?

  • If you have a large space and are interested in a sprawling rock garden, you can lay down the large boulders first. After you are done with the first layer of rocks, add some soil to fill it up. Since plants that require soils with good drainage are used in rock gardens, you want to fill up the layer of rocks with some sand.

  • What is a sloped rock garden?

  • The sloped rock garden is also a visual triumph where inactive objects blend with living greenery. To create the perfect rock garden for sloped yards, try the following tips and tricks.

  • How do you plant a garden on a steep hillside?

  • On a deep slope, use very large rocks to hold the hillside together and give a firm terrace on which to plant. Rocks are more effective barriers than railroad ties, which many gardeners use on hills.

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