how to make raised beds for garden

how to make raised beds for garden

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To make a basic raised bed,outline the spot where you want it with string. As mentioned above, keep it between 3 to 4 feet wide so you can still reach the center easily. It helps to have smothered the grass in the area but if there is sod or grass in place, mow it really short and dig it out, saving the clumps to one side.

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  • What can you grow in a raised bed?

  • But a raised bed can also more free-form, with soil and amendments merely piled high over existing soil to make an elevated planting berm. Contained raised beds are great for vegetable and herb gardens, as well as flower gardens. Fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and raspberries, also do very well in this type of bed.

  • How do you build a raised garden bed without a frame?

  • Of course, a raised bed can be even more simple than that: you could build a raised bed without a frame, and simply mound the soil 6 to 8 inches high and flatten the top. This requires no additional materials (beyond soil).

  • How much does it cost to build a raised garden bed?

  • Raised beds curtail creeping weeds and drifting seeds. The height discourages pests, especially rabbits. Everything you need is available at home centers for about $200 per planter. We chose pressure-treated lumber that鈥檚 cedar tone rather than green, so they look like cedar raised garden beds.

  • How do you top dress a raised garden bed?

  • Each spring or fall, it’s a good idea to top dress with fresh compost and manure, or, if your bed only holds plants for part of the year, go ahead and dig the compost or manure into the top several inches of soil. As with any garden, mulching the top of the soil will help retain moisture and keep weeds down.

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