how to plant a bulb garden

how to plant a bulb garden

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Part 1 of 4: Planning Your GardenTest your soil to see if it is slightly acidic. Bulbs grow best in slightly acidic soil,which has a pH between 6 and 7.Watch your yard after a storm to see which spots drain well. Wait for a hard rain to fall,then watch as your yard dries.Select a warm,sunny spot in your yard. Bulbs generally grow better in areas that receive 6 or more hours of sunlight a day.Grow bulbs where you want to add flowers and color. During the spring and summer months,watch the planting area.Measure out your planting area. Once you have found a good spot,figure out how much growing space you have available.

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  • How do you prepare the ground before planting bulbs?

  • Dig the area at least seven days prior to planting to give the soil time to dry out. Break up any clumps. Amend soil for good drainage. Heavy, wet soil benefits from sand; too-light soil will support bulbs better with the addition of the peat. Soak your bulbs in liquid plant food for half an hour before planting.

  • Where to plant bulbs in a garden?

  • Grow bulbs where you want to add flowers and color. During the spring and summer months, watch the planting area. If you already have other plants in your garden, you may spot some places that look a little empty. These spots are often good places to add bulbs as companion plants.

  • Can I plant bulbs in loose tilled soil?

  • Regardless of the size of your bulb garden, it鈥檚 much easier to plant in loose, tilled soil. Depending on the size and shape of your bulb garden, you may want to temporarily remove the soil to a depth equal to the planting depth of the bulbs you鈥檒l be planting (usually 8鈥?or so for tulips and daffodils, and 3鈥?to 4鈥?for smaller bulbs).

  • How do you plant tulip bulbs in the fall?

  • Dig the hole and place the bulb, nose up (or roots down). Then cover with soil. If you need to keep small animals out of the planting area, cover it with small-mesh hardware cloth. In the fall, cover the hardy bulbs with about 2 inches of mulch to protect the roots during the cold winter months.

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