how to save seeds from your garden

how to save seeds from your garden

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A good seed collecting kit will have a small pair of scissors or pocketknife to nip the plants; paper envelopes,paper bags,or small plastic bags in which to put the plant or seeds; and a pen or marker to label the seeds as you gather them. You can also usesmall tins and prescription bottlesto save seeds.

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  • What is the best way to save seeds?

  • Once seeds are thoroughly dry, store saved seeds correctly Drying out the seed is an important part of saving seeds. Seeds that haven鈥檛 dried properly often become moldy. Place seeds in paper envelopes, or for longer storage, store them in mason jars. Be sure to label seeds with the type of seed and the date harvested.

  • How do you save dried pumpkin seeds?

  • Saving dry seeds is often simple. Harvest the pods and heads in a brown paper sack. Once the seed pods are completely dry, shake out or crumble the pods to remove the seeds. Let the seeds continue to dry in a brown paper sack for a few weeks until completely dried out.

  • What is the best way to save squash seeds?

  • The scoop out and dry seed saving method involves simply scooping seeds out from the inside of veggies and laying them out to dry. When squash or pumpkins have developed a hard outer shell, they are ready to be harvested for seed saving. Cut the squash or pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds and rinse them under warm water.

  • How do you save strawberry seeds?

  • Though technically not a vegetable, strawberry seeds are easy to save using a smear and dry method. Rather than scooping the seeds, you will want to smoosh them on your paper towel. Then, let them dry somewhere warm. Once dry, you can fold up the paper and stick it in an envelope for safekeeping.

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