how to save seeds from your garden

how to save seeds from your garden

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Save seeds fromonly the best plants or fruits. For dry fruiting plants,such as peas and beans,preparing the seeds for saving is simply a matter of separating the seed from the fruit and letting them dry. When I first started saving seeds,I would spread the seeds on a couple of sheets of folded newspaper or paper plates.

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  • What is the best way to save seeds?

  • Once seeds are thoroughly dry, store saved seeds correctly Drying out the seed is an important part of saving seeds. Seeds that haven鈥檛 dried properly often become moldy. Place seeds in paper envelopes, or for longer storage, store them in mason jars. Be sure to label seeds with the type of seed and the date harvested.

  • Can you save seeds from dry fruits?

  • This means that seed savers need to leave a few fruits to fully mature in the garden when they want to save seeds. Dry fruited crops, like grains, lettuce, and beans, can be removed from the plant once seeds are dry and hard.

  • How do you get rid of floating seeds?

  • Floating seeds are not viable and can be removed and discarded. Use a spoon or sieve to remove seeds and spread into a single layer on coffee filters or paper towels to dry for at least several days. Well-sealed glass jars work for storing well-dried seeds in dark, cool places, such as a basement or refrigerator.

  • How do you germinate seeds in a container?

  • Add enough water to equal the volume of the seed mass, and put the container in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. Stir the contents at least once a day. In a couple of days, the viable seeds will sink to the bottom and bad seeds and debris and white mold will float to the surface.

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