how to save seeds from your garden

how to save seeds from your garden

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A good seed collecting kit will have a small pair of scissors or pocketknife to nip the plants; paper envelopes,paper bags,or small plastic bags in which to put the plant or seeds; and a pen or marker to label the seeds as you gather them. You can also usesmall tins and prescription bottlesto save seeds.

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  • How do you save seeds for later use?

  • Saving and Storing Seeds Prepare your seeds for saving and storage. Pour out the small seeds that develop inside of a pod. Wash and dry 鈥渨et鈥?vegetable seeds. Transfer seeds and label seed packets. Consider creating a 鈥渟eed bank鈥?in a jar. Store seeds in a cool, dry place.

  • Can you save seeds from dry fruits?

  • This means that seed savers need to leave a few fruits to fully mature in the garden when they want to save seeds. Dry fruited crops, like grains, lettuce, and beans, can be removed from the plant once seeds are dry and hard.

  • How do I collect seeds from my garden crops?

  • Garden crops can be classified as either dry fruited or wet fruited. Collecting seeds from dry fruited crops, can be as simple as going out to the garden, handpicking a few mature seedpods, and bringing them into the house for further drying and cleaning. Fruits from wet fruited crops must be picked when their seeds are mature.

  • What is the best way to store seeds for growing flowers?

  • A temperature between 32 and 41F is ideal, so your refrigerator can be a good place to store seeds. A small amount of silica-gel desiccant added to each container will absorb moisture from the air and help keep the seeds dry. Craft supply stores sell silica gel in bulk for drying flowers. You can also use powdered milk as a desiccant.

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