how to start a community garden in your neighborhood

how to start a community garden in your neighborhood

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The first step in developing a community garden in your neighborhood is toorganize a group of interested people who will be willing to put in the grunt work of getting the garden up and running. You can also invite neighbors and members of other local horticulture groups to get involved through community postings.

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  • How to put together a community garden in your neighborhood?

  • Here鈥檚 a basic outline of the steps you need to follow to put together a community garden in your neighborhood. 1. Talk to Your Neighbors Talk to people in your neighborhood to find out whether they are interested in a community garden.

  • What are the benefits of starting a community garden?

  • Starting a community garden is a great way to bring your neighborhood together while also growing nutritious and great-tasting vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You can also add a children鈥檚 plot or flower garden to make your garden even more special. It can be a lot of work to have a community garden,…

  • How many people does it take to build a community garden?

  • The People Any group of at least 3 to 5 committed people can build a community garden. They can be part of an organized group or can just be an informal group of friends, neighbors, or relatives.

  • Where can I find resources to start a community garden?

  • You can also find useful resources online. The Community Garden Resource Guide on the website of Let鈥檚 Move, Michelle Obama鈥檚 initiative to fight childhood obesity, includes links to a variety of sources on community gardens, gardening in general, urban agriculture, and how to find funding.

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