how to stop cats pooping in your garden naturally

how to stop cats pooping in your garden naturally

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Vinegar spray

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  • How do I stop cats from pooping in my yard?

  • Use Vinegar In some areas, you may be able to use vinegar to keep cats away. Vinegar has a strong smell to humans, so you can only imagine how it must smell to cats and dogs. The strong scent is often more than enough to keep cats from pooping in your yard.

  • Can cats smell poop in your yard?

  • Cats can smell the poop and will assume that鈥檚 where they鈥檙e supposed to be using the bathroom. (After all, everyone else is doing it.) None of the methods below will work if cats can still smell the feces and urine in your yard. Your first step should be to clean up the yard as best you can.

  • Does coffee deter cats from pooping in your yard?

  • Here are a few methods of using coffee to deter cats from pooping in your yard. If you want to promote plant growth while keeping cats from pooping in your yard, this is the perfect method for you. Take moist coffee grounds (the fresher the better) and gently turn the grounds into your soil where desired.

  • What can I put in my garden to keep cats away?

  • Citrus is a scent that鈥檚 particularly pungent to cats, so save any peels from oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Sprinkle these in your garden over any areas that you鈥檇 like cats to avoid. This is a cheap solution, and although it doesn鈥檛 look visually appealing, if it works, it鈥檚 worth it!

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