should you fertilize your garden

should you fertilize your garden

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  • What is the best way to fertilize your garden?

  • Liquid fertilizers also have the added benefit of being absorbed both through the roots and foliage. For our plants, we apply a quarter gallon of liquid fertilizer to each plant every two weeks for 8 to 10 weeks. (Product Link : Performance Organics Fertilizer) Perhaps this is the biggest 鈥渟ecret鈥?of all to fertilizing garden plants.

  • When should you apply fertilizer to your vegetable garden?

  • Applying fertilizer to your vegetable garden is another step you can take to help your plants thrive. For edible crops like fruits and vegetables, you want to fertilize your vegetables at the beginning of the growing season once the ground is workable. In most areas, the perfect time is a week before the last frost.

  • Should I fertilize my houseplant?

  • If plants are not growing well, fertilizing them will help only if a lack of nutrients is the cause of the problem. Plants grown in poorly drained soils, in excessive shade, or in competition with tree roots will not respond to fertilizer. Fertilizers are either organic or inorganic.

  • Why do plants need fertilizers?

  • As well as having soil that鈥檚 rich in organic matter (compost!), plants often need an application of fertilizer to get the nutrients that need. Think of fertilizers as nutritional supplements.

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