what can go in garden waste bin

what can go in garden waste bin

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The items you can put in your GreenBininclude cooked and uncooked fruits and vegetables scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, baked goods like crackers and bread, and dairy items such as moldy cheese, milk, yogurt, cream, butter, margarine, and other dairy items. Can you put compostable bags in green bin?

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  • What can I put in my garden bin?

  • What you can put in your garden bin: loose grass cuttings Wood chippings Hedge trimmings Small branches (less than 100mm/4inches in diameter) Cut flowers Leaves Plant cuttings Plants Weeds (Not Japanese Knotweed)

  • What can go in the brown bin?

  • What Garden Waste Can Go In the Brown Bin? Whether lockdown has turned you into a budding gardener or you鈥檝e finally just decided to tackle that overgrown hedge at the back of your property, you鈥檙e going to need to know where to put all of your waste. You鈥檙e probably pretty sure that the brown bin is for garden waste, but what kind of garden waste?

  • Can I put garden waste in the bin?

  • Please do not place any bagged garden waste in the bin. What you can put in your garden bin: What you can’t put in your garden bin: Got a question about garden waste?

  • Is it safe to put green waste in the brown bin?

  • As you can see, you are pretty safe putting all types of green waste and food waste in the brown bin, so no matter what sort of gardening you鈥檙e doing, you should be pretty safe.

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