what exit is garden state parkway

what exit is garden state parkway

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Exit 11

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  • What are the exits on the Garden State Parkway in NJ?

  • Garden State Parkway Exits Toll Barriers EXIT/Toll Barrier NAME/CONNECTING ROAD 172 Grand Av/Last Exit in NJ (entrance only S/B, exit only NB) 171 Chestnut Ridge Rd. (exit N/B only, entrance only S/B) 168 Washington/Westwood/Ho-Ho-Kus Hillsdale Hillsdale Tolls (Milepost 166.1) 166 Washington/Westwood 165 Oradell/Ridgewood 163 Route 17 161

  • When will the Garden State Parkway express lane ramp at 105 close?

  • A sign on the Garden State Parkway informs motorists that the Express lane ramp at Exit 105 will close starting April 19, 2022. Parkway fire: Damage to Garden State Parkway from arsonists’ fire could cost $3.5 million, officials say

  • What are the rules for Exit 105 on the I-105?

  • Motorists traveling south on the parkway can still exit at 105 as long as they remain in the outer lanes, or the non-express, all-exit lanes of the parkway. Likewise, motorists looking to enter the parkway north from Route 36 at 105 can do so by taking the outer lane entrance, or non-express all-lanes, ramp.

  • How much are the tolls on the Garden State Parkway?

  • Cars pay $0.75 at barrier tolls that collect in both directions, and $1.50 at barrier tolls that collect in one direction only. There are no tolls between exits 141 and 127, inclusive, as this was the original road segment that predates the New Jersey Highway Authority. Read more about this topic: Garden State Parkway

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