what is a hula hoe garden tool

what is a hula hoe garden tool

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Weeder with a Wiggle!

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  • What is a hula hoe used for?

  • A hula hoe, also known as a stirrup hoe, is a handy tool for removing weeds in tight spaces between rows of vegetables or flowers. Since the hula hoe cuts weeds under the soil where the roots are, the weeds have less of a chance of growing back.

  • How does a hula Ho weeder work?

  • The weeder with the wiggle! Introduced in 1961, The Original Hula Ho Weeder (a.k.a. stirrup hoe) forever changed the way gardeners weed and cultivate their gardens. Includes a heat treated, self-sharpening blade that works beneath the soil surface to cut weeds at the roots with a back and forth motion.

  • What is a flexrake Hula Ho?

  • The Flexrake Hula-Ho Weeder Cultivator, or action hoe, is a modern take on the traditional stirrup hoe. Like its predecessor, it cuts and pulls weeds below the surface of the soil whether you push it or pull it.

  • What is a garden hoe used for?

  • The Rogue Garden Cultivator Field Cotton Hoe Tool is part of the Rogue Hoe line, which features extremely heavy-duty products designed to seek and destroy weeds wherever they may grow. This garden hoe can take on large weeds, heavy soil, rocks, and sod without any trouble.

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