what is a topiary garden

what is a topiary garden

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Art of ornamental gardening

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  • What is a topiary?

  • Some topiaries are as large as a tree shaped as an ice cream cone, whereas others are small as an ivy heart in a porcelain cup. Interest in changing the shape of plants can be traced back at least 2000 years, and lives on in today’s imaginative gardens. Topiary includes shaping hedges to form a maze.

  • What are the best shrubs for topiary gardening?

  • Another good choice for fashioning a topiary is the privet shrub ( Ligustrum), which is perhaps better known as an outstanding hedge plant. But for a full definition of the word, topiary, we must go further, because boxwood shrubs are also often used in another kind of topiary.

  • Can you plant topiary in a planter?

  • They can be underplanted with some of the best winter plants for pots and borders for added color. Topiary in a planter can do so much more for a small space than a group of less impressive specimens. If you鈥檙e time pressured, they add impact without hours of maintenance. 3. Include topiary among naturalistic planting for a modern look

  • How do professionals maintain large topiary gardens?

  • Professionals who maintain large topiary gardens generally make use of power equipment. The figure in the picture was created by the professionals at the Green Animals Topiary Garden in Newport, Rhode Island (United States).

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