what is garden tiller

what is garden tiller

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  • What is a tiller used for?

  • A tiller, also known as a soil cultivator, is a farming tool used to prepare soil for planting. Gardeners and farmers use this tool to break up the hardened surface dirt and incorporate organic materials into the freshly turned soil.

  • What’s the difference between a cultivator and a tiller?

  • A cultivator can do this in small areas such as flower beds, but for a garden of appreciable size, a rototiller 鈥?sometimes just called a tiller 鈥?works more effectively. So what’s a garden tiller then? To start, it鈥檚 a machine that mechanically turns over soil, including heavy and compact earth, to help you grow healthy, hardy plants.

  • What is a tractor-mounted rotary tiller?

  • A tractor-mounted rotary tiller is a great tool for breaking down soil in an existing garden or turning a piece of land into a new garden space. Small, self-propelled rotary tillers are typically used for domestic gardens. When they are attached to two-wheel or even four-wheel tractors, rotary tillers are utilized on farms.

  • What is the best tiller for a small garden?

  • Front-bladed tillers are recommended for smaller gardens and beginning gardeners. Running this tool can be like running a floor polisher or sander 鈥?it has a tendency to pull forward, taking the user with it. A rear-blade model is best for larger commercial gardens and experienced users.

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