what is garden tiller

what is garden tiller

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  • What does a garden tiller do?

  • A tiller鈥檚 function is to break up the soil into smaller pieces so that it is easier to throw seeds or plants in there, as well as pave way for water so it’s reaching the roots (making this a must-have tool for your vegetable garden or even your flower beds). Another function of a garden tiller is to mulch and evenly distribute organic matter.

  • How to choose the best soil tiller for your garden?

  • This is an ideal design for any soil that needs tilling of around four inches or less. Hand tillers have a different shape. They have a claw on one side of the head and a blade on the other. You can use either the claw or the blade to break up compacted soil.

  • What’s the difference between a cultivator and a tiller?

  • A cultivator can do this in small areas such as flower beds, but for a garden of appreciable size, a rototiller 鈥?sometimes just called a tiller 鈥?works more effectively. So what’s a garden tiller then? To start, it鈥檚 a machine that mechanically turns over soil, including heavy and compact earth, to help you grow healthy, hardy plants.

  • Do I need a power tiller?

  • Power tillers are machines that are capable of tilling massive amounts of soil. If you have a large garden area or a field that needs planting, you’ll want a power tiller. Hand tillers work best when you have a garden small enough to mix all the soil by hand. With that said, power tillers won’t always work for every situation.

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