what is good for garden soil

what is good for garden soil

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  • What type of soil is best for gardening?

  • Loam is the ideal soil for most plants; it contains a balance of all three mineral particles and is rich in humus (what鈥檚 left after organic matter decomposes). If you have poor soil, consider building a raised garden bed and filling it with a well-balanced soil mix. Photo by: Jan Johnsen.

  • What will it take to improve your garden?

  • The history of your garden and how the soil has been treated-or mistreated-can also make a big difference in what it will take to improve it, says soil scientist Keith Reid, in his book Improving Your Soil. 鈥淗ave you purchased a property in the country and want to create a garden in an old pasture? Do you want to improve a garden that you ha…

  • What is the best way to maintain your garden soil?

  • Simply spreading around five inches of organic mulch onto your garden soil will work wonders. Some great materials to use for your mulch mixture are; shredded bark, peat moss, leaves, grass clippings, compost, manure, and wood chips.

  • Why loam is the best soil for garden?

  • Loam is the best soil for a garden because it contains a perfect balance of silts, clay, and sand. It also includes a proper amount of humus. Other factors which make it desirable for gardening are: The optimum pH levels for the growth of most plants ranges from 6.0 to 7.0. The pH level is an essential factor determining the growth of the plants.

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