what kind of soil should i add to my garden

what kind of soil should i add to my garden

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  • What type of soil is best for gardening?

  • Loam is the ideal soil for most plants; it contains a balance of all three mineral particles and is rich in humus (what鈥檚 left after organic matter decomposes). If you have poor soil, consider building a raised garden bed and filling it with a well-balanced soil mix. Photo by: Jan Johnsen.

  • What type of soil should you add sand to?

  • Pure compost is, generally speaking, the only type of soil that you should add sand to. Adding sand to native soils isn鈥檛 a good idea and will actually be detrimental to your garden in many cases. When sand is used with clay, it will cause the soil to bind and become even more compacted.

  • How much soil do I put in my garden bed?

  • For example, add several inches of bulk soil or bagged soil, a good layer of compost, a couple inches of volcanic rock, and mix. With that, the bed may only be about quarter full.

  • How to prepare soil for a vegetable garden?

  • When the garden soil cooled down, add an equal part of garden soil, compost, coarse sand, and peat moss in a separate container and mix thoroughly. To balance the pH if the soil is too acidic, you can add agricultural lime. Then, mix the ingredients thoroughly.

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