what to do in garden grove

what to do in garden grove

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Stanley Ranch Museum Historical Village

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  • What to do in Garden Grove CA?

  • 10 Best Things to Do in Garden Grove (CA): 1 Historic Main Street 2 Atlantis Park 3 Crystal Cathedral 4 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival 5 Festival Amphitheater 6 A.R Super Market 7 United Methodist Church 8 Southern California Indian Center 9 Village Green Park 10 Van Bakery

  • Where to go to see Shakespeare in Garden Grove?

  • Festival Amphitheater is known as the place to come if you want to soak up some culture in Garden Grove and in particular is a top spot if you enjoy the works of Shakespeare. The amphitheater is famous for its productions of Shakespeare plays, so if you want to catch one when you are in town then make sure you keep an eye on the local listings.

  • What is the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove?

  • An impressive structure made of reflective glass, the Crystal Cathedral is the largest glass building in the world and is home to one of the largest musical instruments to ever exist: the Hazel Wright Memorial Organ. The Crystal Cathedral is Garden Grove鈥檚 most iconic building and the most popular attraction in the city.

  • Why is Garden Grove so Asian?

  • After the fall of Saigon in the 1970s, a large number of Vietnamese refugees moved to Garden Grove, and as a result this city still has a huge Asian influence, with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean residents all calling the city home.

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