what to plant together in a garden

what to plant together in a garden

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When growing different varieties of plants side by side,try to group them together by water needs.Deep-rooted vegetables like tomatoes and asparagusshould be placed in the same bed,as they will thrive with less frequent (but more thorough) watering that soaks deep into the soil.

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  • What plants can be planted together?

  • Commonly known as companion planting, this refers to the method of pairing plants together in a way that causes a mutually beneficial environment for each plant. Some vegetables that grow well together include corn and beans, carrots and onions, lettuce and tomatoes, and cabbage and garlic.

  • Can you plant vegetables next to each other?

  • Planting certain vegetables next to each other can encourage both plants to thrive. This unique process is known as companion planting. Companion plants have many potential benefits for their partner plant counterparts.

  • Why do plants need to be planted together?

  • Companion plants tend to do better when they are planted together. They help each other fight pests, produce more, and grow stronger. Planting vegetables of different types together in one garden or companion planting with herbs can help to prevent the spread of disease, resulting in a healthier harvest.

  • What are the best companion plants for vegetables?

  • Companion Planting For These Top 10 Veggies. 1 1. Tomatoes. Friends: Basil and tomatoes were made to go together, not only in sauces but in the garden, too. This herb helps tomatoes produce greater … 2 2. Peppers. 3 3. Green Beans. 4 4. Cucumbers. 5 5. Onions. More items

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