when to pick tomatoes from garden

when to pick tomatoes from garden

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Late summer

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  • What is the best time of day to pick tomatoes?

  • The best time of day to pick tomatoes is in the morning. Of course, partially ripe tomatoes will still ripen after you pick them. In fact, you may want to pick unripe tomatoes if the weather forecast calls for extreme temperatures (which can hurt the plant, damage the fruit, or prevent ripening).

  • How to pick the best tomatoes from your garden?

  • Knowing the tomato fruit鈥檚 ripening process helps you pick the best tomatoes from your garden. Temperatures between 70 and 75鈩?speed up the ripening process. After you remove a tomato from the vine, it continues to ripen when kept at room temperature. Cut off all immature fruit from the plant to produce large, juicy tomatoes.

  • How do I know when my tomatoes are ready to pick?

  • A tomato will start to ripen from the bottom first. The tomato will often show a small blush in color at the bottom furthest from the plant when ripening starts. This can be difficult to see when growing green tomatoes but will still be noticeable. If you see a color blushing at the base of your tomato, it is ready to be harvested.

  • How to harvest tomato fruit?

  • How to Harvest Tomato Fruit. Harvest time for tomatoes will occur at the end of its growing season, usually late summer, once the tomatoes are at their mature green stage.

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