where is portmeirion botanic garden made

where is portmeirion botanic garden made

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Stoke on Trent, England

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  • What is Portmeirion Botanic Garden?

  • Botanic Garden was, and now after over 40 years still is, one of the world’s most successful pottery designs and forms half of Portmeirion’s turnover. It really is a timeless and beautiful design.The now iconic, green leaf pattern that forms the border on the range became part of Portmeirion’s company logo and now appears on all of their products.

  • How many flowers are there in Portmeirion gardens?

  • Since the launch in1972, Portmeirion has continued to develop and rework Botanic Garden. The concept is timeless, yet as fashions have changed, new flowers have been introduced to replace older motifs. A total of 46 flowers have featured at one time or another in this most famous of gardens.

  • What is in the Botanic Garden collection?

  • The Botanic Garden collection adds that understated touch of class to everyday occasions – be it Sunday breakfast with the family or a dinner party with friends. From tableware and cookware to vases and gifts, each piece features a beautifully detailed vintage botanical illustration complemented by Portmeirion’s iconic leaf border.

  • Who is the designer of Botanic Garden?

  • A true British classic, Botanic Garden was designed by the celebrated designer Susan Williams-Ellis in 1972. The mix and match floral motifs, inspired by 19th century botanical illustrations, bring a bit of the garden to your table.

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