where is savage garden now

where is savage garden now

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  • What happened to Savage Garden and where are they now?

  • Both are now based in America (Hayes studying acting and comedy in Los Angeles, Jones working in property in Las Vegas) but both, separately, point out that Savage Garden now seems like a lifetime ago. Those hoping for some drama between the two men will be as disappointed as those hoping they鈥檒l ever reform as Savage Garden.

  • Will Savage Garden ever record an album in 20 years?

  • With Daniel Jones鈥?iconic instrumentation and with Darren Hayes鈥?rockstar charisma, the Australian rock/pop group launched simply two albums however constructed a legacy that Gen X and millennials nonetheless respect. Nevertheless, Savage Garden has not recorded an album in 20 years.

  • Who started the Savage Garden feud?

  • Jones was the one who initiated it, although Hayes was the first to formally announce it, telling Australian journalists, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, Savage Garden is over鈥?during 2001 interviews. That was it, although Jones found out through his dad, who saw a television report of Hayes鈥?declaration.

  • What happened to Savage Garden鈥檚 Chris Hayes?

  • It made sense to find the more camera-shy half of Savage Garden living a quiet family life, however what happened to Hayes, who enjoyed some solo success after Savage Garden鈥檚 split, was almost as much of a mystery.

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