who wrote i never promised you a rose garden

who wrote i never promised you a rose garden

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Joe South

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  • What is I Never Promised you a rose garden?

  • Not the book you鈥檙e looking for? I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is the story of a sixteen-year-old who retreats from reality into the bondage of a lushly imagined but threatening kingdom, and her slow and painful journey back to sanity.

  • Who wrote the song rose garden?

  • Rose Garden (sometimes stylized as (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden) is a song written in 1967 by American singer-songwriter Joe South. It was first recorded by Billy Joe Royal on his 1967 studio album Billy Joe Royal Featuring Hush.

  • When did Joe South record rose garden?

  • Joe South himself recorded it, it was on his 1968 album, ‘Introspect’… On February 7th, 1971 Lynn Anderson’s covered version of Rose Garden peaked at #3 {for 2 weeks} on Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart, and on December 20th, 1970 it reached #1 {for 5 weeks} on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart.

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